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Limited time offer: Save 30% on Heartsome Translation Studio R7 NOW!

Need some reasons? Okay, how about these?

You have been tortured by the CAT tool you are using for a long time! The interface is boring and not user-friendly, almost in no way you could customize it, you feel limited like a roaring lion in a cage. You want to UNLEASH your real power and creativity!

You constantly face the problem of bad language support. You need a pure unicode based CAT tool that has robust support for complext scripts!

You have a lot of good ideas but the CAT Tool publisher never listen to you, you even need to pay them for reporting bugs (they consider this as support)!!

You constantly face the incompatibility problem among different versions of your CAT tools. Your clients, your colleagues and yourself are all using different versions, and you are told that upgrading all of these CAT tools would be the only way out. But Gosh! That's out of your control!

You hate to pay such a high price for the software itself or for the upgrades! Furthermore, you are tired of paying for a tool that never gives you any new excitement!

You considered to switch to another CAT tool but you hesitated! The tools do not have good support for open standards, you heard of many horrible stories of incompatibility in TM formats and you don't know how to handle such problems!

Furthermore, you don't want to be locked in by the new tools. You need CAT tools that seriously implements real open standards and has handy utilities to fix problems in your TM files before exchanging with others.

You were requested to deliver in certain formats that you could only create with the tool you are using, you felt that you have to use it even though you never liked it.

You never used any CAT tool yet though you are charging your clients based on their CAT tool price matrix. You need a tool that is easy to learn and affordable.

So, why pay a high price for CAT tools and keep fighting with them every day?

Make your life simpler and easier by making the right choice! Heartsome Translation Studio is what you need and deserve!

"There are many obvious benefits to Heartsome -- platform-independence, a fairly small footprint on your system, a good choice of underlying database servers...and a very pleasant "feel." ...it is certainly an interesting and powerful tool"

-- By Jost Zetzsche in his review "Some Take It to Heart"

Heartsome Translation Studio

The Concept
It is the first and only computer-aided translation (CAT) tool that is fashioned and developed entirely on latest open standards language technology:

usage of XML Localisation Interchange File Format (XLIFF) as default file format
usage of TMX (Translation Memory eXchange v1.4 and below), in translation memory database
usage of SRX (Segmentation Rules eXchange v1.1 and below) for segmentation of filesusage
usage of TBX (TermBase eXchange) in terminology database
usage of UTF-8 (Unicode) for text encoding
usage of ISO 639 for language codes and ISO 3166 for country codes
Main Features
File Management Features: designed to provide versatility in compatibility with other products
directly supporting a wide range of file formats: RTF, HTML, XML, DITA, Plain Text, Java Properties, PO, RC/ResX, FrameMaker MIF, SVG, Open Document (OpenOffice.org 2.x) and OpenOffice.org 1.x, Office 2003/2007 XML formats, Tagged RTF, Trados TTX (all versions of Trados) and Adobe InDesign CS2/CS3 INX, complete with full-featured SRX-compliant segmentation capability
indirectly but intentionally supporting common proprietary file formats: Microsoft Office non-XML formats (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) and Adobe InDesign CS
importing regular RTF file as source file and deliver in Tagged RTF (Unclean RTF) format
exporting TM/Terminology databases or TMX files to Trados TXT format (Professional or Ultimate Editions only)
converting files immaculately to and from the default file format singularly or in batches
Powerful plugin set (Professional or Ultimate Editions only)
CSV to TBX Converter
CSV to TMX Converter
MARTIF to TBX Converter
TMX to Trados TXT memory file Converter
Java Properties Viewer
RTF Cleaner
TMX Validator
XSL Converter
Editing features: designed to optimise productivity
fully configurable hot-keys and conveniently positioned shortcut icons
translation, TM match and terminology match retrieval all done in one single integrated interface
configurable use of colours to denote repetitions, levels of fuzzy matches and text dissimilarities
In-Context Match (only in Ultimate Edition) and Advanced machine translation technology integrated to help you save time and cost.
tracking of translation unit properties like Project reference, Job reference, Changed By user, Changed date and time etc.
multiple translation memory and terms search and retrieval options: instantaneous search through existing databases; search by selected term, phrase or sentence: activation done automatically or manually; exact match search and retrieval that works very much like personalised machine translation; fuzzy concordance search in locating the most remotely match results, etc.; ensuring effective reuse of translation memory and terms databases throughout translation process
reviewing of translations done in 2-column bilingual HTML format or context display with customized context size
built-in quality assurance options that can be manually activated or be switched to run automatically on each activation of translation approving option
convenient 'tag' insertion options to minimise the hassles of tag management
supporting all input methods in use on the system complete with basic edit functions: cut, copy, paste and undo
user freely adjustable layouts, windows sizes, font sizes, font colours and background colours etc.
Database Features: designed to bring in powerful and robust TM database support to users without adding unnecessary cost
world's first CAT tool to deploy a wide range of non-proprietary third-party database to give users the professional level of robusity only found in dedicated commercial and open source databases
all editions are provided with HSQL, an open source database improved as built-in local database
professional/ultimate editions are provided with built in support for the most popular commercial and open source databases in use: MySQL 4.x/5.x, Oracle 9x and 10x, MS SQL, PostgreSQL and HSQL
each and every database created in a Heartsome CAT tool is configurated for immediate real-time and seamless connection, facilitating instantaneous updating and sharing of translation memory and terms lists, locally and remotely
only the professional edition is equipped to support remote access across any existing form of network: LAN, Internet, Intranet, Extranet, etc.
Advance features: designed and provided additionally in support of technically-inclined users to further redefine the efficacy of their Heartsome tools
first of a kind CAT tool in the marketplace to provide fully configurable support for OASIS-compliant XML catalogue management
configuration of segmentation rules using regular expressions
configuration of XML files conversion rules and management of catalogues

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