wetback -> δούλος, σκλάβος, λαθρομετανάστης, λαθρομετανάστρια, μετανάστης, μετανάστρια, βρωμομετανάστης, βρωμομετανάστρια, βρωμομεξικάνος, βρωμομεξικάνα, βρομομεξικάνος, βρομομεξικάνα, Μεξικανός λαθρομετανάστης, Μεξικανή λαθρομετανάστρια


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wetback -> δούλος, σκλάβος, λαθρομετανάστης

a highly offensive term for a Mexican person recently arrived in the United States, especially somebody who has entered the country illegally to work as a laborer (taboo). [Early 20th century. < Mexican immigrants having waded or swum across the Rio Grande to enter the United States]

Without a trace, episode 207 (a tree falls)
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