Magic carpet rides inside our minds


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Magic carpet rides inside our minds

a fraction of a milligram changes everything a molecule that alters our perception once experienced it can never be forgotten he thought that I'm I'm wounded but I had this amazing experience but I didn't know how it happened all my thoughts turned into pictures it was beautiful I lay down a column in the afternoon and then it slowly faded away while I was watching these strange pictures and feeling exhilarated seeing this big lurking there Albert Hofmann was working as a chemist at the Sandoz research laboratory in Basel Switzerland he was searching for a medicine to improve blood circulation when on the 16th of April 1943 he must have come into contact with an unknown substance
three days later albert hofmann decided to experiment on himself being a cautious scientist he took a very weak dosage but this substance was far stronger than anything known to science his first self experiment was a trip into the unknown and it was a terrible experience terrible because it felt like I was in another world this has to be the end I'm on the other side
one thing like this can cause perspiration disturbing
I believe that every healthy person should try it what happens to you when you take a dose of a strange new drug called LSD destined to Mars has demons bodies now as a volunteer test subject is training his brothers
Albert Hofmann worked in his Natural Sciences laboratory with ergot it's a black fungus that grows mostly on rye our God has been known in natural medicine since the Middle Ages but one of the new substances he isolated did not affect the circulatory system as expected it affected the human psyche lysergic acid diethylamide LSD and so forth right away I realized that this was a tremendously interesting substance for psychiatry TPA Theed after the first clinical tests in Switzerland Sandoz decided to release LSD for production the novel drug attracted enormous interest from psychiatrists all over the world sandesh saw the opportunity to offer something quite amazing to the psychiatric and psychological circles so they were actually sending samples of LSD to universities research institutes individual therapists and they were asking you know would you work with it and give us feedback if there is any legitimate use for their substance so it came to the psychiatric clinic in Prague so I was sitting in session after session with artists with professionals and writing the reports in the early years of the experimentation we thought about the LSD session as experimental psychosis and if we can somehow identify what's happening there will be able also to find a substance that would neutralize it so that we would have a test tube solution for them the most important problem in psychiatry you know schizophrenia and other psychosis which would be like a Holy Grail in psychiatry
at the top of our side of the boat coordinated between the United States and Canadian governments combined radar warning speeds which can warn of an approaching enemy it spells not only the security of the United States world during the Cold War other groups became interested in the new wonder drug LSD attracted the attention of international secret services at the forefront was the American CIA the Central Intelligence Agency was interested in LSD because it sought to develop a truth serum an interrogation weapon for questioning enemy spies suspected of disloyal people within the CIA any occasion that might require soliciting information from people against their will they knew it was very powerful they suspected it could be very helpful but they didn't know much about so they turned to outside institutions outside experts to conduct research some of this research turned out to be pretty nasty there was a special case up in Canada at the lane Memorial Institute in Montreal where people were essentially used as guinea pigs for a terrible experiment the idea was you break a person's mental patterns down by giving them high doses of LSD when that phase was over they would put them asleep for a long time using a sedative and then engage in a process called psychic driving where they'd have the same message piped in over and over again thousands of times it was classic brainwashing the CIA wanted always a certain result they wanted to be able to predict what what happened and then do something to make that prediction come true LSD didn't always work that way and they found they ran into problems because it was an unpredictable drug
the US Army had more grandiose ideas about what they could do with LST war without death LSD warfare was the idea here is a group of normal soldiers responding correctly to a series of routine drill commands after receiving a small dose of LSD they're confused and undisciplined
the idea of being able to subdue might say the enemy without harming him or killing him was very appealing LSD was of interest because it was the most powerful drug available at that time to treat people with the psychedelic effects and so on or to alter their behavior because LSD made some volunteers uncooperative we wanted to have a small contained space where we could have the individual sit and we could televise him as well as the psychiatrist asking him questions you'll find the sensation unpleasant now great you like it very much when you see things really where do you see things most clearly in the central part of your vision definitely half grab the ends of my peripheral vision learn to drive you crazy take 7 from 90 to 7 from 92 tonight individuals react to the stress of LSD in various ways here is a subject who succumbs to what has been called cosmic laughter we didn't think that was the kind of result we wanted to produce in a battlefield situation it would probably be dangerous for us we might end up on the receiving end of a bill advised bomb or heavy-duty weapon and we were not interested in provoking that three two hours we come from the people how is our consciousness created it's created by what reaches us through our senses every time we perceive something it makes up our consciousness it works through our senses and what LSD does how the entire mechanism works is that it intensifies our senses tremendously then we see the world in a different way honest

in the mid-50s the American researcher Gordon Wasson made an unusual discovery in the highlands of Mexico an inconspicuous mushroom swallowed as a sacrament during religious rituals to contact the world of the gods Gordon Wasson took some samples of the mystic mushroom home to New York
one that Monica Dawkins only thought there's that substance in Basel LSD and it has the same effect so they asked us if we were interested in analyzing the mushrooms that's how LSD brought this mushroom to my laboratory in my laboratory and get out
natural science shows what exists objectively speaking but you still have to see it you have to reflect on it and a scientist sees secrets objective secrets and I think that a chemist who is not a mystic is not a real chemist he doesn't comprehend it that the wreaths of us while analyzing the Mexican mushroom albert hofmann dared to perform another self experiment in doing so he and his team were able to isolate the active ingredient for the first time psilocybin a chemical closely related to LSD Danny Wilson master Watson was delighted he told us he'd love to take us with him to Mexico and show us this world wonders so we went on that expedition to Mazatec country and the south he cannot lose Eden the American took him to Maria Sabina a highly respected healing woman in the land of the Maz attacks the two researchers wanted to test their psilocybin tablets on her and trade gold my friend Gordon explained to Maria Sabina that we had isolated the spirit of the mushroom so she could carry out her ceremony with these pills then she organized a meeting and when the pills had been handed out there was a wonderful ceremony that lasted until the next morning about the Beast and demoting without cup
I've in these sacred drugs I basically discovered LSD that's what makes LSD so significant not only due to its effect but also because of its chemical structure it belongs to these drugs that were discovered thousands of years ago from the infinite number of plants something had been selected and deemed sacred I was at the end of the 1950s LSD had found its place in psychiatry it was regularly used in many clinics in Europe and North America an important thing about psychedelic experiences is that they take you way beyond anywhere that psychoanalysis or some related schools can actually reach and that's where most of the emotional psychosomatic problems are coming from and there are also mechanisms of healing and transformation that are much more powerful than anything you can do on the level of biographical material and we have also talked to a number of people who just you know had years of psychoanalysis and they say they didn't even come close to where they were the first psychedelic session took them
in California a group of young people known as the Merry Pranksters started out across the country among them was the author Ken Kesey with the success of his novel One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest he could afford an independent lifestyle Casey's novel was inspired by his LSD experiences as a voluntary tester in a California clinic psilocybin mescaline LSD the government was doing experiments there and the drugs begin to to get out into the world so Ken had a wide circle of friends I love parties but the alcohol was ruining it for me I can't drink and when LSD came along so you know hooray here's something here's another direction to go in
we had some LST that was in a package and we had to create doses out of it and that was very difficult to do so we sort of got very deep into it ourselves you know sort of magic carpet rides inside of our own minds and couldn't help but talk about these things and so the minute you start to talk about this everybody wants some wherever the old school bus stopped the LSD parties got bigger the acid test a rite of passage into a new psychedelic lifestyle

Millbrook on the American East Coast in the vacant country house of a rich patron former Harvard lecturer Timothy Leary founded a psychedelic commune well the first experience I had was with seven little mushrooms in Mexico for the five hours after I ate these mushrooms I learned more about psychology than I had in the preceding 16 years as a psychologist and since that time I've done almost nothing that attempt to study to learn more about how these experiences are produced and how they can be used for man's benefit at Harvard Leary put the study of hallucinogenic drugs on the curriculum that was the beginning of the end for the ambitious professor and his team at the unli University the one thing that had differed from the accepted social paradigm is that we took the drug ourself because Leary that would be like in behaviorist paradigms you wouldn't do that I do it and the chairman of the department was pissed off at us for doing that you know and thought that was unscientific and they said you know if you do these studies quietly it's like I'm gonna be okay you know like that but that was not Leary's vision you said he had the vision is a democratic vision egalitarian this is too good not to share with everybody who are we to say Timothy Leary and his entire team were eventually fired from Harvard his new headquarters Millbrook a place for contemplation and adventure well I had a great time Millbrook I mean it was a place to introduce people to the psychedelic experience in the most beautiful way possible it was a center for people to come from every walk of life from the highest aristocrat and Noble and royal person down to the dirtiest hippie everybody came it was a mecca for psychedelics

dr. Lurie what are you up to here we teach the science and art of ecstasy we teach people how to turn on or how to go out of their minds by turn on we mean to tune in to get beyond your routine ways of thinking and acting and experiencing and we often say that we're teaching people how to use their head the point is that in order to use your head you have to go out of your mind okay stand and he placed an order with the company I don't know maybe 200 grams of LSD and half a kilo of psilocybin and then he invited me to come and visit him he said he was doing big events the Congress and so on both and I wrote him and I declined wildest propaganda when everything is still developing he said don't forgot a lot of nothing call mr. Leary was a provocateur yes he liked being provocative he liked you know saying things in a little way that got people a little and he didn't care if they misunderstood he said think for yourself America today is an insane asylum the American people are completely hung up on material acquisition on power on war making it's an insane asylum over here and it's our goal to lift the spiritual level of the American people in the next five or ten years we expect that between 20 and 30 million Americans will be using LSD regularly in their spiritual development in an a psychological growth in California the psychedelic movement quickly gained ground haight-ashbury previously a run-down district in San Francisco was transformed
it was sort of a very exciting time in the Haight Ashbury was lovely there was a very good community spirit little stores were opening down on Haight Street people were very friendly with each other we all knew each other in the neighborhood and they would come up with wonderful ideas like let's have a party in some corner of the park and so the band would come out and bring their instruments the band called the Grateful Dead and announced they will make music in the park
we tell young people today drop out of school because schools education today is the worst narcotic drug of all don't politic don't vote these are all men's games impotent and senile old men that want to put you onto their old chess games of war and power drop out tune in with natural things take off your shoes get back in tune with God's harmony he can't get caught in the conforming wrote lockstep which we call American society when the happy found them for and and I accused him of forcing LSD on two young people very young people LSD needs preparation it needs a certain maturity and it's irresponsible to tinker with or enter the psyches of people who are still developing with an instrument like this and I criticized him for that Dobby came out for death to come out
on the street LSD or acid was initially tolerated by the police consuming the fashionable drug was not prohibited at first what obviously was happening in people who were taking psychedelics particularly the young generation is that they could not agree anymore was the standards of the society that was around them they develop a whole different system of values different their life strategy and so on and part of it certainly was very strong anti-war feelings because when you have what I call transpersonal experiences where you feel essential oneness with other people and even with the animal species with nature and so on it has very significant implications for how you feel about war people killing each other we sent hundreds of thousands of tablets to Vietnam for free we were supporting all the war protesters so why not support our brothers the sisters same age but had been drafted and dragged you know almost in Chains to be killed in Vietnam why not give them the same medicine that was causing the movement the companion peace demonstration brings out 50,000 marchers in downtown San Francisco pacifists and hippies together
the rebellion in the in 1960s I think psychedelics were were part of it very significant part but I don't think they were the cause of what was what was happening LSD became a symbol of all that was going on that was frightening of all that seemed to be wrong it was an easy scapegoat easy target for people who wanted to denounce the the youth rebellion denounced the anti-war movement very easy to denounce the drug or the drugs that were associated with those movements after public debates about the dangers of LSD became increasingly heated the state of California eventually reacted in October 1966 the substance was prohibited
and my status changed from one who is a minor criminal to one who was a serious felon I mean I've been convicted many times I've spent time in 14 different prisons all of this has happened to me as a result of my devotion to psychedelics so am ia criminal of course I'm a criminal shortly after the prohibition of LSD more than 20,000 people gathered in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco hippies radical students the most diverse sections in the protest movement got together for an enormous demonstration

the sound of the youth movement conquered the airwaves the mass media spread the hippies message across the entire globe
the media put in a big story about the haight-ashbury and it was this lovely place to go and you might see John Lennon or you know perhaps you know anyway they created a monster for us and within a few weeks it changed people came from all over America by the hundreds and then the thousands and by early summer there must have been 10,000 people sleeping on the sidewalks and in the park and in every alley at you know trying to hungry and homeless and it was crazy
here in San Francisco history turned one of the dance floors and you know he had 2,000 people all taken 500 micrograms of LSD I thought this is gonna be madness I thought this would have been madness in our context you know I couldn't see and how that could work you know how would you handle bad trips
1967 the psychedelic movement is in full bloom it's the summer of love
and then after my personal experiences I never thought a substance was such an effect would ever reach the streets yeah yes I mean drug abuse when a substance is out there and exists we don't have control over it anymore he's meeting to hunt President Nixon called Timothy Leary the most dangerous man in America a short time later Leary received a draconian prison sentence for possession of two joints what happened with Leary who made the psychedelics much more dangerous than they would be in in responsible hands certainly increasing the risks and minimizing the benefits and literally killed you know legitimate research Albert Hoffman's magic drug became his constant worry LSD ended up where it had started in psychiatry where it is still tolerated in some clinics
after these special authorizations for its use in psychiatry finally expired LSD disappeared underground as an internationally outlawed drug research in hallucinogenic substances seemed to fade into oblivion we started our work with psilocybin in about 2000 it was difficult but we got approved people who are eligible for our trial are people who have anxiety and/or depression secondary to their cancer diagnosis so after preparation the volunteers scheduled for their psilocybin sessions what we would want and hope for them is that they have an experience that's uplifting and alters their perceptual set in a way that makes the remainder of their life and their struggle with their disease process something that's really quite manageable for them the prognosis was very poor so my life just kind of got narrower and narrower I got more exclusively focused on the cancer and I became more withdrawn
finally my daughter and friends sort of told me that I needed to do something for the first hour and a half it was pretty frightening because I was fighting it I was resisting I wanted to open my eyes and make things snap back into place if I didn't have the help of the people there I would have left the room and tried to walk around and get things to focus back in again you know to look familiar again so the supervision I think is very important
yeah after about an hour and a half if I calm down during that time I could pull up past relationships or current relationships and look at them in great detail and
It was as if I was
the depression itself lifted that fundamentally changes the way you approach the world so you're you're opening out instead of narrowing down into a negative spiral it's almost unbelievable that after one day and not any follow-up medications or anything that this could happen
Lajja oculist encinia for the first 10 years it certainly was a wonder drug it was a very important resource in psychiatry for patients and I was always convinced that the real use for LSD would still be found it couldn't just disappear that was impossible you
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