Author Topic: ενεργό οξυγόνο -> active form of oxygen  (Read 4187 times)

marian m

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ενεργό οξυγόνο -> active form of oxygen
« on: 15 Sep, 2006, 15:23:17 »
Would it be translated active oxygen?

Here's part of the sentence:

"Αυτό οφείλεται στην καταστροφή του όζοντος, του ενεργού οξυγόνου το οποίο υπάρχει στα ανώτερα στρώματα της ατμόσφαιρας . . ."

Thanks a lot!

(BTW:  It's great being in Greece!!!  And it's so easy to type an accent mark on these cool keyboards!)
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ενεργό οξυγόνο -> active form of oxygen
« Reply #1 on: 15 Sep, 2006, 16:03:14 »
Καλώς ήρθες στην Ελλάδα (και όχι για το πληκτρολόγιο...).

Για δες το "activated oxygen".

Νομίζω πάντως ότι στο δικό σου κείμενο ταιριάζει το "active form of oxygen".

marian m

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ενεργό οξυγόνο -> active form of oxygen
« Reply #2 on: 16 Sep, 2006, 18:40:03 »
Thanks for the links!  They were very helpful!  I agree that "active form of oxygen" is the best translation for my document.

And thanks for the welcome. :-)

BTW:  I was wondering if anyone would know if there are--other than Internet cafes--computer labs which are open to the public in Greece?  For example, in the US, I can use the labs at public and even some state university libraries for research as long as I have a card. Is there something equivalent here for researchers? Thanks so much!


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ενεργό οξυγόνο -> active form of oxygen
« Reply #3 on: 18 Sep, 2006, 00:17:03 »
Hi Marian:)

Here's an idea for the computer lab query-
why don't you check out the local public library? Here in Kefalonia (Argostoli) the library has a very well-equipped computer lab with new equipment, adsl internet (or at least 128kbps ISDN, I'm not quite sure), scanners printers etc...all free of course (there may be a charge for printing huge documents, but that would be expectable in any case). Usually the lab is full of students at all levels of education (I've seen my students from the "TEI"-I teach computer science classes there-working on their thesis dissertations etc. I've also seen pupils from secondary or even primary school "fooling around" with games and such...but they do yield priority to visitors who have serious work to do).
I can only hope that the library in your town has a similar lab...good luck:-)

marian m

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ενεργό οξυγόνο -> active form of oxygen
« Reply #4 on: 19 Sep, 2006, 16:15:11 »
Thanks Spaceoddity!  I will definitely try the local library!  But in the meanwhile, I've tried some IT φροντιστίρια and they have been very helpful!