New Trados 7 to be released in June

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I think the greatest innovation is that they decided not to make memories created in previous versions incompatible with the memory format of the new version (an old trick used by Trados to force customers buy the new version).

TRADOS 7 Freelance raises the world’s standard translation memory software* to a new level of performance. Enjoy the critical new features you have asked for to complete jobs faster and earn more business by connecting to your customers and prospects who also use TRADOS.

    * New option to translate Word files in TagEditor!
    * Easier to use interface including AutoText
    * Ability to search and use terms from multiple glossaries
    * Support for Hindi and 20 other new languages
    * Ensure consistency at the term and sentence level!
    * Full compatibility with all XML file types – XLIFF, DITA and conditional XML
    * Leverage your existing translations by adding them to your translation memories
    * Share and access Translation Memories over the Internet
    * Translate any file format including Word, PowerPoint, Excell, HTML, XML, FrameMaker, QuarkXPress and InDesign CS (InDesign 3.x)
    * Support for TMX, the open TM standard

# TRADOS 7 Freelance runs on Windows 2000 and Windows XP Home, Windows XP Professional, and Windows 2003 Server. Windows XP, Windows 2000 are recommended for optimum performance.
# TRADOS 7 Freelance is designed to work in a single user environment and thus only one instance can run on a network at any one time. TRADOS 7 LSP is required in order to share translation memories on internal networks (LAN) and provide multiple users the ability to simultaneously work on a network and have access to the same translation memories.
# PC with Pentium II or compatible processor (Pentium III or higher recommended).
# 256 MB RAM (512 MB recommended) on Windows 2000/Windows XP Home/Windows XP Professional.

What's New in TRADOS 7 Freelance

TRADOS 7 Freelance offers the following key enhancements over previous TRADOS versions:

Enhanced Terminology Integration
Enjoy more control, greater consistency, and enhanced ease of use when accessing MultiTerm.

    * Search Multiple Termbases
    * New Automatic Term Checker
    * Add terms on the fly from Workbench and TagEditor

New AutoText Feature
This new feature automatically stores frequently used expressions as AutoText so you avoid having to retype them again and again.

New Filter Settings Wizard
TagEditor is very popular for editing PowerPoint and Excel documents. With the new Filter Settings Wizard it is now easier to fine-tune support for these formats.

Support for Word Documents in TagEditor
Word documents can now be converted into XML-based TRADOStag format. That means all documents can now follow the same workflow, reducing costs and streamlining your workflow.

Faster Performance
TRADOS 7 Freelance has been optimized to be more responsive allowing you to work at a faster pace.

    * Speedier Spell Checker
    * Faster File Conversion to TRADOStag

Support for 20 More Languages, including Hindi!
Localization into languages spoken in emerging markets, such as Indea, are becoming more vital. TRADOS 7 Freelance supports these endevours by provinding full support for these languages as target languages for translation memory.

    * Bengali
    * Divehi
    * Georgian
    * Gujarti
    * Hindi
    * Kannada
    * Kazakh
    * Konkani
    * Malayalam
    * Marathi
    * Mongolian
    * Northern Sotho
    * Punjabi
    * Quechua (all variants)
    * Sanskrit
    * Syriac
    * Tamil
    * Tatar
    * Telugu
    * Tswana
    * Uzbek (Cyrillic & Latin)

Over 100 Enhancements for Improved Usability
The TRADOS team has gathered valuable customer feedback that has driven improvements to Translator's Workbench, TagEditor and WinAlign. Including:

    * Improved Support for PowerPoint and Excel
    * New Change Case Command
    * New 1:1 Alignment Command in WinAlign
    * Input ANY multi-lingual segment into a translation unit
    * More extensive use of Highlighting improves editing in Translator's Workbench
    * Link user lists to external files
    * and more!

Expanded File Format Compatibility
TRADOS customers can be confident that their tools support the evolving standards of the localization industry. TRADOS file format filters have been further improved to extend support for XML and traditional file formats.

    * Create tag setting files from XML Schemas and XML files
    * Support for XLIFF, DITA and Other Standardized XML flavors
    * Out-of-box Support for Conditional XML documents
    * Direct Support for Windows 32 Files in all applications

Support for Latest Standards
Highlighting our commitment to supporting industry standards, Translator's Workbench fully supports TMX 1.4b, as well as related standards such as Segmentation Rules Exchange (SRX).

In addition to the features above, TRADOS 7 Freelance includes:

MultiTerm 7 Term Desktop
MultiTerm 7 Term Desktop is a new terminology management system that allows you to add terms to your term base on-the fly, while you are translating! No more multiple steps! Plus you can add multimedia items like video, audio and graphics into your entries.

Customer Support Notice
As of April 24, 2005 support for TRADOS 5.5 Freelance and earlier versions will no longer be offered. We regret if this decision presents a difficulty for any customer, but it is necessary in order to continue to provide excellent service and support for current TRADOS customers.
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