WLE translation grants for publishers


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WLE translation grants for publishers

    * WLE translation grants for publishers
    * Wales Arts International's open application fund for international activity


Who can apply?

WLE's translation grants are open to foreign publishers for the translation of Wales' two literatures (Welsh and English language literature).

In the case of translations of Welsh-language literature into English, publishers in the UK can also apply.

When are applications assessed?

There are four closing dates: 1st of March, 1st of June, 1st of September, 1st of December.

How are applications assessed?

Applications are assessed by Wales Literature Exchange's grants panel. The sample of the translator's work will be assessed by an external reader where necessary (for example, if the translator's work is not previously known to WLA).

What financial assistance is available?

Up to 100% of the translator's fees.

How to apply?

Please download and fill in the application form and send the documents listed to Sioned Rowlands, WLE Director.
If you have any queries, whether about Welsh literature in general, or about submitting a translation grant aplications, do not hesitate to contact WLA. We are happy to help in any way we can.

When is the grant paid?

The grant will be paid to the publisher after receiving six copies of the published translation, and proof that the translator has been paid according to the terms of the contract. WLE has the right not to pay the grant if the conditions of the contract have not been fulfilled.
Grants for sample translations

Publishers can also apply for the cost of commissioning sample translations.


Payment of the translation grant will depend on the publisher fulfilling the following conditions:

    * grants cannot be awarded retrospectively;
    * grants are awarded only for translation costs, not for production costs;
    * the acknowledgement 'Published with the financial support of Cyfnewidfa Len Cymru/Wales Literature Exchange' must be printed on the introductory pages of every print run;
    * the name of the translator must be printed clearly either on the cover or on the introductory pages;
    * proof of payment to the translator must be sent according to the details of the aggreement provided with the translation grant application;
    * 6 complimentary copies must be sent to WLA;
    * where Welsh names, words or phrases appear in the translated text, it is the publisher's responsibility to ensure that they are correctly spelt;
    * it is the publisher's responsibility to ensure that the design and production of the book reaches an acceptable standard;
    * the translation must be published within 30 months from the translation grant offer date.

Download forms

Please click here to download the application form.

Source: http://www.walesliterature.org/grants.cfm?lan=e#translation_grant
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