US: School Board to Provide Interpreters in Discipline Cases


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School Board to Provide Interpreters in Discipline Cases

Public schools in Loudoun County, Virginia, will provide parents who speak little English with interpreters when their children are in involved in major disciplinary cases. School Board Member John Stevens says he proposed the measure, which was unanimously passed by the Loudoun County School Board, because he believes interpreters will make it easier for families to deal with disciplinary hearings. There was no one specific case that motivated the proposal. Stevens says he had read about cases in which parents were unable to advocate for their children in disciplinary hearings because they could not speak English. "I've sat in on a couple of disciplinary cases, and I've seen parents trying hard to advocate for their kids," he says. "If you don't speak English, you don't have a shot." The School Board unanimously passed the measure as part of a revision of the Student Discipline-Long Term Suspensions and Expulsions Policy. The new policy says Loudoun County Public Schools will pay for and provide "a reasonable amount of interpreter services, including but not limited to understanding notices, submitting requests, and participating in hearings, provided that such interpreter shall not serve as an advocate at any time."

From "Interpreters to Be Provided in Student Discipline Cases"
Loudoun Times-Mirror (VA) (10/19/09) Coe, Elizabeth

Source: ATA Newsbriefs - October 2009
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