Professional interpreters and translators are in high demand


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Translators and Interpreters Are in High Demand

Professional interpreters and translators are in high demand. The American Translators Association's Kevin Hendzel says that anyone interested in a career as a translator or interpreter should specialize in either a difficult technical field or a "language of lesser diffusion," such as Dari, Pashto, or Urdu. "Engineers, attorneys, scientists, and doctors often come to translation and interpreting as second careers," Hendzel says. He notes that these professionals already have specialized subject knowledge and excellent writing and language skills, which helps them become successful translators or interpreters. For example, Hendzel graduated from Georgetown University with a background in physics, electronic engineering, and Russian language. He also spent an extended time at a university in Russia. Training and certification for these careers can vary. A thorough knowledge of the language is a necessity, and a background specialty can be helpful.

From "Top Jobs: Translator"
Philadelphia Daily News (PA) (10/20/09) Odle, Teresa

Source: ATA Newsbriefs - October 2009


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