Trados/Word error: If Not TW4WinTemplate.Saved Then TW4WinTemplate

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Hello Mala,

I won't write in Greek because I don't know your language at all, but you were the only page I could find about the "If Not TW4WinTemplate.Saved Then TW4WinTemplate" issue. I could read the post using the "Translate this page" option, and I must admit today that yes, it can be useful!

For a few days, I have not been able to open Word 2000 but executing the winword /a command. When I try to open it clicking on the icon program or on a Word file, I get the same error message: "run-time error '91 ': object variable or With block variable not set". If I click on the End button, Words stays paralysed. If I click on Debug, a Microsoft Visual Basic window opens and points the same problem as you mentioned: "If Not TW4WinTemplate.Saved Then TW4WinTemplate". Reinstalling as not changed anything, nor changing the name of

Have you eventually found a way to resolve this problem? Or would somebody have an idea?
I have Office 2000, Windows XP and Trados 7.

Thanks in advance!
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Which Word version do you use? Word 2000?
What exactly do you do that triggers the issue?


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