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Chinese translator Dallas Cao developed a little utility he calls Google Translate for Translators (GT4T). It's a tool that allows you to bring in translation from Google Translate for anything you highlight in any Windows application. Pressing a shortcut key will then automatically replace your highlights with whatever was found in Google Translate. While a number of TEnTs already offer a somewhat similar integration with Google Translate, what seems to be different about this is that you can choose any kind of subsegment for automatic translation rather than the whole caboodle.

Source: The 154th Tool Kit - Standard Edition by Jost Zetzsche

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And, ahem, for the time being, it's also still possible to get the DeepL data for free through the GT4T tool that I recently wrote about (see issue 280 of the Tool Box Journal). I asked its developer why that's still possible, and here is what he said: "I haven't received any complaint yet. I tried to buy the API right from the 1st day it was out. At first [DeepL] said they were only dealing with companies that would need large quantities of data and asked me to wait for a version that opens to general public. And when the DeepL Pro came out, I immediately tried again but only to find that it only accepts EU bank cards. I don't know what to do except wait." Well, waiting is fine by me.

The 285th Tool Box Journal by Jost Zetzsche
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