Author Topic: Αυτά τα νέα μου, εν ολίγοις. Φιλάκια πολλά και χαιρετίσματα στον Bryan...  (Read 4199 times)


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If anyone can help me translate the following I will be forever grateful!

Thanks in advance!

Auta ta nea mou, en oligis. Filakia polla kai xairetismata ston Bryan me to kathierwmeno

if you click on where it says no thumbnail available below you will see what it looks like in Greek Font.. i just don't have the means to type it in greek on here

Thanks again

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This is my news, in brief. Lots of kisses and greetings to Bryan with the usual (?)
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Thanks for the quick response... Just wondering if there is any other translation for this? Only asking because the person that gave it to me said that I almost had it but not quite..are there any other variations in words?

again Thank you so much for helping!
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Hi there.

No, there is no other translation for this phrase. However, we don't know what the last word "καθιερωμένο" (the usual) refers to, this is why Nick pointed this out using a question-mark.

Please, give the phrase in question as a subject line (even if you don't have Greek fonts). This is the only way to help us translate your phrase as soon as possible. This is an important rule of this site. Also, your questions should be shorter than 12 words.

Thanks in advance for following the rules, next time. :-)

All the best,