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Online monolingual, bilingual and multilingual corpora (mostly with free access)

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You already included this in your initial message, Spiro.

No, I updated it ;)


--- Quote ---4. Sketch Engine - monolingual English (free search, login required to search)
British Academic Spoken English Corpus (BASE), English, 1,252,256 segments
British Academic Written English Corpus (BAWE), English, 8,336,262 segments
--- End quote ---

Sketch Engine is no longer free indefinitely. They only give you now 30 days of free access. Sketch Engine is now a product of The Sketch Engine is a product of Lexical Computing Ltd.

Three further corpora added on main list:

9. WeBitext, offered by the National Research Council of Canada, is a bilingual English-French corpus searchable by domain (does not require log in, free to use)

10. TransSearch, offered by Terminotix, contains the Hansard and transcripts from the main Canadian courts (English-French); (requires log in, 5 day free membership, after that membership fees apply).

11. TOTALRecall, offered by the National Tsing Hua University, is an English-to-Chinese corpus; (does not require log in, free to use).

WeBitext is actually available in 30 languages (including Greek).


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