Science Fiction, Fantasy Translation Awards Announced


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Science Fiction, Fantasy Translation Awards Announced

A team of 10 science fiction experts and authors are organizing the new Science Fiction and Fantasy Translation Awards, which will recognize works of science fiction, fantasy, horror, and related literature that have been translated from languages other than English. The awards, which include one for long-form literature and another for short-form, will be presented at the University of California, Riverside's (UCR's) Eaton Science Fiction Conference in 2011. Trophies and cash prizes will be given to the winners. Melissa Conway, head of Special Collections of UCR Libraries, and English Professor Rob Latham, are part of the team working on the awards. Both note that science fiction and fantasy literature have had a long tradition outside the English-speaking world. "The literature of the fantastic is an international phenomenon and has been since Hoffmann, Gogol, and Maupassant in the 19th century," Latham says. "Yet contemporary Anglo-American readers have only a sketchy sense of the global scope of science fiction and fantasy today. This award will take a big step toward the goal of closing that blind spot."

From "Science Fiction, Fantasy Translation Awards Announced"
UCR News (CA) (12/07/09) Miller, Bettye

Source: ATA Newsbriefs - December 2009


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