Translation Technologies Advancing Rapidly


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Translation Technologies Advancing Rapidly

"The argument that English should be the common global link language is a non-starter," says Carnegie Mellon University Professor Alexander Waibel, director of the International Center for Advanced Communication Technologies. Speaking at the university's campus in Qatar, he stated that automated translation technology is moving quickly to the point where members of an audience could simultaneously hear a lecture in their native language. "It is possible to create natural, seamless communication without the requirement for everyone to know a common language," he said. Waibel noted that fewer than 1% of the 300,000 conferences held in Europe each year are translated. During the lecture, Waibel demonstrated Jibbigo, an English-Spanish speech-to-speech translator made commercially available for the iPhone 3G in October. The downloadable application includes a 40,000-word vocabulary and an add word feature that allows the user to personalize the software. As part of his presentation, Waibel also screened videos of simultaneous automatic, two-language text translation demos of several speeches given in the European Parliament.

From "Translation Technologies Advancing Rapidly: Expert"
Gulf Times (Qatar) (12/08/09) James, Bonnie

Source: ATA Newsbriefs - December 2009


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