Oceana - Cry Cry (lyrics & video clip)

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Oceana (full name Oceana Mahlmann, born 1982) is a German pop/soul singer. At the age of five she was given a part in a film directed by Lars Becker.  As a teenager she won a music scholarship and had her first singing lesson with the Italian vocalist Etta Scollo.  Her initial and enduring experiences with jazz, funk and blues were taken with a family friend, legendary musician Maceo Parker.

She lived in Paris, Hamburg, London, New York, Los Angeles within the last years, and even some time on Martinique to discover her Caribbean roots. In May 2009 she released her debut album "Love Supply".

Source: Wikipedia.de

Oceana - Cry Cry

When she was a young girl she used to play with me
I was her best friend we were inseparably
We love to ride our bikes playing hide and seek
Sneaking out the night dancing in the street
I look back at the time now I realize
She loved to play with fire
I should have seen it in her eyes
I should have seen it in her eyes

Deep inside you cry, cry, cry
Don't let your hopes die, die, die

She fell in love for the first time he was older than her
Then he made her do things first she wouldn't dare
She left everything behind couldn't find a place
Running through the night loosing all her faith
She throws away the pain turning off her lies
But still he makes her see
Like everything is alright
Like everything is alright

Deep inside you cry, cry, cry
Don't let your hopes die, die, die
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