IBM, Google Developing Web Translation Software

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IBM, Google Developing Web Translation Software

Technology has made international communication easier, except for the barrier of languages. IBM's "n.Fluent" project is attempting to change that by developing software to instantly translate content on a variety of platforms. Salim Roukos from IBM's translation technologies division says that the company's researchers have developed a Web interface that automatically translates a page when the user types in a URL. "The ability to translate URLs is something that our customers love a lot, because once you translate the page, you can click on all the links and suddenly you are exploring the foreign language Web as an English speaker," Roukos says. The company intends to develop versions of the software for instant messaging and mobile devices. IBM expects n.Fluent technology to be especially helpful for companies that produce support content, such as technical manuals. Because vernacular and jargon presents a problem for translation software, n.Fluent has been designed to learn from its errors and pick up scientific terms, beginning with those used within IBM. "Crowdsourcing" has allowed the project to tap into the collective wisdom of hundreds of thousands of IBM staffers. Meanwhile, Google is working on a tool to translate Web searches. "Imagine what it would be like if there was a tool built into the search engine which translated my search query into every language and then searched the entire world's websites," says Google Vice President Marissa Mayer. "And then invoked the translation software a second and third time—to not only present the results in your native language, but translated those sites in full when you clicked through."

From "Breaking Through the Language Barrier"
CNN (NY) (01/06/10) Ford, Matt

Source: ATA Newsbriefs - January 2010

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Just another form of crowdsourcing the plebes of employees :)


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