pullus de nido avolat -> the chick flies away from the nest (Isaiah 16:2 Vulgate)

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"pullus de nido avolat" –> the chick flies away from the nest
Isaiah 16:2 Vulgate:  et erit sicut avis fugiens et pulli de nido avolantes sic erunt filiae Moab ("... and it will be like a bird flying away and the chicks flying away from the nest, so will be the daughters of Moab").
The Vulgate is Jerome's Latin translation of the Masoretic Hebrew text.  Contrast the Septuagint translation of the Alexandrian Hebrew text:
ἔσῃ γὰρ ὡς πετεινοῦ ἀνιπταμένου νεοσσὸς ἀφῃρημένος, θύγατερ Μωαβ ("... for you will be as a nestling taken away from a bird that is flying, O daughter of Moab").
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