Author Topic: komitadji -> κομιτατζής, κομίτης  (Read 50 times)


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komitadji -> κομιτατζής, κομίτης
« on: 14 Feb, 2019, 10:38:59 »
Komitadji -> κομιτατζής, κομίτης

Komitadji, Comitadjis, or Komitas (Bulgarian, Macedonian and Serbian: Комити, Serbian Latin: Komiti, Romanian: Comitagiu, Greek: Κομιτατζής, plural: Κομιτατζήδες, Turkish: Komitacı, Albanian: Komit) means in Turkish a "committee members". It refers to members of rebel bands (chetas) operating in the Balkans during the final period of the Ottoman Empire. They fought against the Turkish authorities and were supported by the governments of the neighbouring states, especially of Bulgaria.