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ModernMT—neural machine translation as a Service
« on: 15 Feb, 2019, 01:47:51 »
ModernMT—neural machine translation as a Service

English ↔ Spanish (es)
English ↔ Italian (it)
English ↔ Portuguese (pt-PT)
English ↔ German (de)
English ↔ French (fr)
English ↔ Dutch (nl)
English ↔ Russian (ru)
English ↔ Arabic (ar)
English ↔ Chinese Simplified (zh-CN)
English ↔ Chinese Traditional (zh-TW)
English ↔ Portuguese Brazilian (pt-BR)
English ↔ Japanese (ja)
English ↔ Catalan (ca)
English → Bosnian (bs)
English → Croatian (hr)
English → Serbian Latin (sr)
English → Finnish (fi)
English → Greek (el)
English → Polish (pl)
English → Czech (cs)
English → Hungarian (hu)
English → Danish (da)
English → Norwegian Bokmål (nb)
English → Norwegian Nynorsk (nn)
English → Icelandic (is)
English → Swedish (sv)
English → Turkish (tr)
English → Indonesian (id)
English → Malay (ms)
English → Korean (ko)
English → Thai (th)

Again, that was two years ago. Now the research part of the project is finished, the tool has been separated into a commercial version and an open-source version (much like MateCat), and the commercial version is available for these language combinations: English <> ES, IT, PT-PT/BR, DE, FR, NL, RU, AR, ZH-CN/TW, JA, CA, and English > BS (Bosnian), HR (Croatian), SR (Serbian Latin), FI, EL, PL, CS, HU, DA, ND/NN (Norwegian Bokmål and Nynorsk), IS, SV, TR, ID, MS, KO, TH. (Forgive me for spelling some of the abbreviations out, but I'm assuming my own ignorance may also be shared by others -- and for BS/HR/HR, see this recent and interesting article.)

The reason why I'm revisiting MMT is twofold. First, they are now offering a product that is usable for individual translators, and second, reader Michael Beijer contacted me after testing it and being impressed by the product but shocked about the price (which is presently app. 4 euro/1,000 words for companies and 89 euro/month for up to 100,000 translated words for translators).
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