Author Topic: working copy -> προσχέδιο, αντίγραφο εργασίας  (Read 66 times)


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working copy -> προσχέδιο, αντίγραφο εργασίας

working copy
A document, not intended to be permanent, which serves to permit or facilitate further work or activity, sometimes by more than one person. A working copy is generally adopted as a temporary basis for [..]

working copy
A copy of the master record, displayed on the user's screen. When the user edits the working copy, the master record remains unchanged. Also called "editing locally."

working copy
A personal copy of the files being managed by a version control system

Αρχικά ενημερώνετε ένα αντίγραφο εργασίας (svn update)
Ακολουθούν πιθανές αλλαγές (svn add,svn delete,svn copy,svn move)