Online Postgraduate Certificate in Technical Translation and Electronic Tools

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Μεταφέρω μία ανακοίνωση που έστειλε συνάδελφος στη λίστα Μετάφρασις

Online Postgraduate Certificate in Technical Translation and Electronic
A ten-week course for translators and technical writers working with Spanish
and English, as well as trainees and teachers wishing to develop competence
in this field. No formal degree is required.

50 hours, 10 weeks (15 October - 20 December 2005)

Aim: To develop professional skills in technical translation.

Teaching method: Teaching will be by web site, email, chat sessions and
tandem project work.

Requirements: Students will require a computer, a reasonably fast Internet
connection, a working knowledge of Spanish and English, and at least 5 hours
of study time per week.

Fees: The fees for the course are currently set at 500 euros.

Duration: The course comprises 50 hours and must be completed in 10 weeks.

Starting date: 15 October 2004.

Completion: Award of the certificate will depend on successful completion of
all the exercises by 19 December 2005.

Pre-enrolment: Until 15 September 2005

Payment: By bank transfer or Visa card, prior to commencement of the course.


      Concepts and Realities of Technical Translation Anthony Pym 10 hours
      New models of translation and localization
      Translator-client relations
      Establishing the brief
      The legal and financial framework
      Calculating fees
      Problem-solving and professional ethics.

      Electronic Tools Jose Ramon Biau  15 hours
      Review of basic computer skills
      Integrating electronic tools, text managers
      Terminology management

      Use of translation memories (Deja Vu)
      Web site localization tools
      Basics of project management.

      Translation Strategies  Mike Holt 15 hours
      Main strategies in technical translation
      Web searches, use of parallel texts
      Terminology mining
      Coherence of strategies.

      Project work Mike Holt & tutors 10 hours
      Two projects, where students will have to take care of all the steps
involved in a professional project, from terminology mininig to invoicing.

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