correspondance -> correspondence


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correspondance -> correspondence

correspondance, substantif féminin

- rapport entre des choses, des personnes.
- relation, communication entre des personnes (échange de lettres, messages, etc)
- association, rapport logique, corrélation entre deux ou plusieurs choses
- rapport de conformité, de convenance
- rapport d'analogie
- rapport de symétrie
- rapport de communication.

Correspondence may refer to:
- in general usage, non-concurrent, remote communication between people, including letters, e-mail, newsgroups, Internet forums, blogs
- correspondence theory of truth (philosophy), a theory in epistemology
- correspondence principle (physics), that theories must agree with experimental evidence
- correspondence (theology), the relationship between spiritual and physical realities.
- correspondence (mathematics), several related meanings.
- correspondence problem (computer vision), finding depth information in stereography
- regular sound correspondence (linguistics)
- correspondence rules (quantum mechanics)
- correspondence chess played between different geographical locations.
- correspondence course, a distant education method.

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