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Ugh, ok, this was written in very sloppy handwriting...and I don't have any Greek fonts...so I'm just going to try to romanize it...

"H ?wn einai agonas pou oloi oi anthropoi einai mesti kai se? Bgenoun os na Broun agapi omos oi peroisotera ign? xanoin giati susugos ious petai poik?  ??sa"...

sorry it's so hard..it was like...scribbled..but anywayz, if somebody could help me figure out what it said...i would be very grateful...


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Hi Sarah,

Here's what I can make out:

Η ζωή είναι αγόνας που όλοι οι άνθροποι είναι (μεστή και σε ?). Βγαίνουν ως να βρούν αγάπη όμως οι περισότεροι τήν χάνουν γιατί σύσυγος τούς πετάει (?).

That's all I can make out, maybe a native greek could help out?

Good luck!


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Hi Sarah.

This is a very long and illegible question.

Please read the rules very carefully!

Ο λόγος είναι μεγάλη ανάγκη της ψυχής. (Γιώργος Ιωάννου)


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