Interpreters Help Businesses Establish Trust

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Interpreters Help Businesses Establish Trust

Curtin University of Technology Professor Samir Ranjan Chatterjee says that Australian firms doing business in China should use interpreters to build relationships instead of concentrating on legal issues. The latter strategy often leads to a lack of trust and understanding that can scuttle deals. "We are more into due diligence in terms of legal matters but not in terms of due diligence of relationships—what the Chinese call guanxi," he observes. Chatterjee notes that the West's intense focus on legal recourse complicates the establishment of trust, so it would benefit companies to negotiate on a "good faith" basis. He says that the key to engendering trust is heavy investment in linguistic and cultural interpreting services. He adds that it is impossible to ignore China as a vital economic force. "The emergence of China is not only reshaping the global economy but has also become a key catalyst in determining Australian corporate performance," he says.

From "Hire Interpreters, Firms in China Told"
Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) (02/15/10) Le May, Rebecca

Source: ATA Newsbriefs - February 2010


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