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Node Controller (NC)
A UEC node is a VT enabled server capable of running KVM as the hypervisor. UEC automatically installs KVM when the user chooses to install the UEC node. The VMs running on the hypervisor and controlled by UEC are called \instances". Eucalyptus supports other hypervisors like Xen apart from KVM, but Canonical has chosen KVM as the preferred hypervisor for UEC.
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Το πολυτιμότερο αγαθό μετά την υγεία, είναι η προσωπική ευτυχία....


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κόμβος εδώ

1 masculine κόμβος [KOnvos], masculine όζος [Ozos] (a knot, protuberance, or knob)
2 neuter κέντρο [K`Endro] (a centering point of component parts)
3 anatomy neuter οζίδιο [oZIδi:o] a. a small mass of differentiated tissue b. an interruption of the myelin sheath of a nerve: Lymph node Λεμφοζίδιο
4 astronomy masculine δεσμός [δezMOs] (either of the two points at which the orbit of a heavenly body intersects a given plane, especially the plane of the ecliptic or of the celestial equator): Ascending node Ανιών δεσμός
5 botany masculine κόνδυλος [KOnδilos] a. a joint in a stem b. a part of a stem that normally bears a leaf
6 electrical engineering feminine απουσία ηλεκτρικού φαινομένου [apuSIa ilektriKU fenoMEnu] (a point of zero current or voltage)
7 mathematics a. feminine τομή καμπύλης [toMI kamBILis] (a point at which a curve intersects itself) b. feminine κορυφή γραφήματος [koriFI γraFImatos] (a vertex in a graph)
8 pathology neuter περιγεγραμμένον οίδημα [periγ`eγraMEnon Iδima] (circumscribed swelling)
9 physics masculine κόμβος στασίμου κύματος [KOnvos staSImu KImatos] (a point, line, or region in a standing wave at which there is relatively little or no vibration)
10 fig, see nodus
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