English to Ancient Greek translation for YA novel (some pay)

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Hello everyone --

I'm currently working on a book, and yet I am having difficulty finding someone to help me with a translation.  Ideally I am hoping to find assistance translating the following sentence into Ancient Greek...

The coming of a daughter under the new moon is sent to challenge the ways of the elders.  Her will and strength alone will tip the scales of balance between the light and the dark.

The context in which this is used is as a part of a prophecy that is handed to the main character for her to read.  The background of my characters goes all the way back to the Greek gods of Zeus and Hera, so I'm hoping that there is someone out there able to help me, or possibly even point me in the right direction as to where I might be able to find someone to help with the translation.  I feel that having it in Ancient Greek will drive home the character's back story much more effectively than modern Greek.

If you are available to translate please let me know.  I would be willing to compensate a per word rate, and depending on how the book turns out there may be things to come in the future that I may need to have translated and might be able to offer other quick jobs.  If you have any questions or are interested in working the translation please contact me at wispenaut ΑΤ hotmail.com.  

Thank you for your help and time!

-- Hannah
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