Gene disease 'recreated in lab' (BBC News)


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Gene disease 'recreated in lab'

The use of embyronic stem cells is highly controversial

US researchers say they can now watch genetic diseases unfolding in the laboratory after finding a way to make large numbers of affected cells.

The advance, reported in the journal Nature, used skin cells from a child with a devastating genetic condition.

These were turned first into stem cells - the body's master cells - and then into nerve cells, which started to die as the gene fault took hold.

The team said the earliest stages of the disease could now be identified.

The child involved suffered from spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), a condition which kills nerve cells controlling muscles, causing paralysis and ultimately death, usually by the age of two.

While doctors know these cells are dying, they have not been able to watch the process in close-up, and look for clues as to exactly how the genetic fault carried by these children is affecting them.

The new technique could in theory provide them with as many nerve cells as they need.


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