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Macros are little programs that allow you to run repetitive tasks inside Word. There are some extremely handy macros, and once you understand their power, it is difficult to live without them. To learn more about macros and how to handle them, visit Microsoft Word MVP Website.

In Word, macros are stored inside Template files (extension Dot). As the main Word template ( is too prone to be corrupted, it is recommended that you keep your macros in a different template.

You can receive a macro in many formats: text, basic or directly in a Dot file.

For you to run a macro, the template that contains it should be active. Templates stored in the Startup directory are automatically activated when you open Word. If you do not know where is your Startup directory, please go to Tools > Options > File Locations and the Startup directory is listed there.

If you receive a "Dot" file, place it in your Startup directory.

If you receive a text file or a visual basic file, visit the suggested site above.

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