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How would the word "believe" be translated into Greek? I have looked through many resources that have told me that πιστεύω means "I believe". Somewhere else, the translation came as θεωρήστε. Upon further research, it tells me that the latter translation means "Consider". Just want to make sure which is correct. Thanks for any help with this!!

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Πιστεύω is the usual translation for "I believe" as in "I believe in one God" or in "I believe you don't know what you're talking about".

"Θεωρήστε" is indeed more like "consider", and in fact the imperative form of the verb.


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Thank you so much for your help! Sorry to be a pain - does this still look correct? πιστευω (in lowercase?) Also, do I need the accent on the u? Sorry I must sound like a dolt, but I know next to nothing about Greek - I'm trying to make a surprise for my boyfriend - who is Greek - so I just want to make sure it's correct! Thanks so much again!
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The accent is always necessary, unless the word is in all capital characters. So, we have these forms:

As for your Greek boyfriend, I only have one thing to say: excellent choice ;-)


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