Love with passion -> Να αγαπάς ή να αγαπάτε με πάθος


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hello, i would like to know what the proper way to say "love with passion" or "love passionately" or "live life with passion" or some sort of variation of those.  I want it, whatever it may be, tatooed and can't really figure out the right phrasing...ya know like making sure it flows right and means what i'm trying to say.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!
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Zorba, in Kazantzakis' novel, commands
ΜΕ ΤΑ ΜΟΥΤΡΑ ΣΤΟΝ ΕΡΩΤΑ (με τα μούτρα στον έρωτα).  "Headlong into love!"
This is my favorite, though it may be a bit extreme for your purposes. 
The full quotation is
Να πέφτεις με τα μούτρα στη δουλειά, στο κρασί, στον έρωτα, να μη φοβάσαι μήτε το Θεό, μήτε το διάολο — "Fall head first into work, into wine, into love, fearing neither God nor the devil!"


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I suppose you want this in the imperative, as an exhortation, and in the continuous sense, i.e. you should always love with passion.

My suggestion is going to be less Zorba-like:

Να αγαπάτε με πάθος.

(«Αγαπάτε με πάθος» is also correct, but it can also be the Greek for "You love with passion").


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Αlso, ''Να αγαπάς με πάθος'' (second person singular) for a more direct and personalized effect. (''Να αγαπάτε'' is the equivalent plural type in greek.)


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