go away -> φεύγω, την κάνω, πάω ταξίδι, πάω εκδρομή, τα κουβαδάκια σου και σ' άλλη παραλία, αδειάζω τη γωνιά, παίρνω την άγουσα, ξουτ, ουστ, στρίβε, αμόλα, τζους, δρόμο, σπάσε, σπάε, δίνε του, κάν' την, κάν' τηνα, φύγε, άσε με, άφησέ με, παράτα με, παράτα μας, πάρε πόδι, άκρη, στην άκρη, κάνε άκρη, φύγε από τη μέση

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hey again! do you know if there are several different variations of "go away"?  in english you could say "leave me" and "go away"...are there such variations in Greek...and what are they? 

thank you!

be off with you
beat it
bog off
bug off
bugger off
buzz off
clear off
do one
fuck off
get bent
get fucked
get knotted
get lost
get out of here
get outta here
get out of my face
get screwed
get stuffed
get squeezed
go and boil your head
go and eat coke
go away
go chase yourself
go climb a tree
go fly a kite
go fuck yourself
go jump in the lake
go play in the traffic
go to hell
go to Halifax
go to the devil
hadaway and shite
hit the road
hop it
jog on
make like a banana and split
make like a tree and leave
make yourself scarce
naff off
nick off
on yer bike
on your bike
piss off
pound sand
push off
rack off
screw off
screw you
shove off
sling one's hook
sod off
spread out
take a hike
take a long walk on a short pier
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