Tips and Tricks on using Excel with Trados


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Από mail που μας έστειλε η Trados τις προάλλες:

Tip 1. Combining Text from Different Cells

There are two different ways to achieve this:

Technique 1: Using the & (Ampersand)

The & symbol consolidates text information in the same way as the + symbol adds numbers. The space between quotation marks adds a blank character between the separated texts.

To combine text with the &: (fig 1)

1. In cell A1, enter the text F1.
2. In cell A2, enter the text Get the Most out of Excel!
3. In cell A3, enter the text The Ultimate Excel Tip Help Guide.
4. In cell A5, type the formula:
=A1&" "&A2&" "&A3

Technique 2: Using the Concatenate Formula

The Concatenate formula is in the Text category in the Insert Function dialog box. To add a blank character between words, press Spacebar in the second and fourth argument box.

Tip 2. Top Secret: Do Not Print

To avoid printing specific rows or columns, just hide them before printing. To hide rows, select them by clicking the row numbers (click and drag to select a block of rows; hold down Ctrl while clicking to select non-adjacent rows). Then right-click one of the highlighted border row numbers and click Hide. Use the same procedure to hide columns (but right-click a highlighted column letter to choose Hide).

When you're finished printing, you can quickly unhide all rows or columns by selecting the entire worksheet (click the blank gray box formed by the intersection of the row and column borders at the top left corner of your spreadsheet). Then right-click a row or column border and choose Unhide

Tip 3. Quick Math without Formulas

Consider this scenario: Your company's product price list stored in a worksheet. Your boss informs you that, effective immediately, all prices must be increased by 5 percent. You could create some formulas to do the math, and then convert the formulas to values, and then copy and paste the new prices over the old prices. Or, you could use this more efficient method:
1.   Enter 1.05 into any blank cell. This is the "multiplier" that will increase the prices by 5 percent. Select the cell you used in Step 1, and choose Edit, Copy or press Ctrl-C
2.   Select the range of values to be changed, and choose Edit, Paste Special to display the Paste Special dialog box.
3.   Choose the Multiply option and click OK.
The values are changed in an instant. You can then delete the cell that contains the 1.05 multiplier.

Note that the Paste Special dialog box lets you carry out other mathematical operations--like add and subtract, for instance--so you can use this technique for a variety of other calculations.

Tip 4. Skip From Cell to Cell

You may have a spreadsheet set up with a number of data input cells. Wouldn't it be nice if the user could just press the Tab key to jump to the next input cell?

This type of thing is fairly easy to set up. The key is to unlock the input cells, and then protect the worksheet. Here's how to do it:
1.   Select all of the input cells on your worksheet. (To select non-adjacent cells, hold down Ctrl while you select the cells.)
2.   Select Format Cells to display the Format Cells dialog box.
3.   Click the Protection tab and remove the check mark from the Locked check box.
4.   Click OK.
Keep in mind that all cells are locked by default. But also remember that locking or unlocking cells has no effect unless the worksheet is protected. To protect the worksheet, select Tools, Protection, Protect Sheet. If you're using Excel 2002, you'll be able to specify some additional options. Specifically, you can remove the check mark from the Select locked cells option.

When the sheet is protected, you'll find pressing Tab moves the heavy-bordered active cell indicator to the next unlocked cell. Be aware that this does not prevent the user from selecting unlocked cells using the cursor keys--unless you're using Excel 2002 and you removed the check mark from 'Select locked cells' as described above

For quick reference, here are some useful keyboard short cuts for Excel:

Ctrl+Z   Undo
Ctrl+C Enter, Ctrl+V Ctrl+X   Copy, Paste, Multiple Paste,Cut
Ctrl+F, Ctrl+H   Find, Find&Replace
Ctrl+P Ctrl+S Ctrl+F4~Alt+F4   Print Save~Close Close Excel
Ctrl+Arrow   Move to edge of region
Ctrl+*   Select current region
Ctrl+A   Select all cells
Ctrl+HomeCtrl+End   Select A1 Select last cell in used range
Ctrl+Shift+End   Select from active cell to last cell in used range.
Ctrl+Shift+Home   Select from active cell to A1
Ctrl+Page Down Ctrl+Page Up   Move to the next sheet Move to the previous sheet
Ctrl+Tab   Move to next open workbook
Ctrl+N   Open new workbook
Shift+F11   Insert new worksheet
Shift+F3   Paste function window
=+FunctionName+Ctrl+A   Insert new function
Alt+F11   Open VBE
Ctrl+Shift+Enter   Array formula
Ctrl+F3 F3   Define name~Paste name
Ctrl+Spacebar Shift+Spacebar   Select columns Select rows
Ctrl+1 Ctrl+BCtrl+U   Format cells~Bold Underline
Ctrl+; ~Ctrl+shift+:   Current dateCurrent time

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