Quality before Quantity

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I realize this phrase may not translate word for word into Ancient Greek. I was fooling around with the online translator on this site and came up with 'oJpoi'oß katapivnw plh'qoß' which I'm thinking means something like quality overwhelms (or devours) quantity (a multitude). If someone could come closer, even replacing before with the Greek equivalent of 'not' that would be great!


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Ποιότης υπεράνω ποσότητος would be my word-for-word translation. But then the ancients had their own mottos, such as Ουκ εν τω πολλώ το ευ (which means the same, literally 'quality is not to be found in quantity') or Μηδέν άγαν (Nothing in excess) or Μέτρον άριστον (Moderation in all things).


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Thanks a lot for the reply. Ουκ εν τω πολλώ το ευ will work well for me. I also see I wasn't very close with the phrase I supplied in my first post! Thanks again.


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