Book Translations by Evdoxia Renta

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Book Translations by Evdoxia Renta

Γιατί ρε παιδιά δεν έχει γράψει κανείς τίποτα εδώ; Ας κάνω εγώ την αρχή και...

CURRENTLY TRANSLATING 2010 Ginger, S., Gestalt Therapy: The Art of Contact, Karnac Books
2008 Simon, D. & Chopra, D. Freedom from Addiction, Health Communications, Inc.
2006 GAMA Foundation, Building the Right People, International Life Group (edited)
2008 Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) The MDRT Objections Handbook, International Life Group (edited)
2006 Stewart, I. & Joines, V. A New Introduction to Transactional Analysis, Nottingham: Lifespace Publishing
2006 Townsend, Ch., Terrorism, Oxford University Press
2006 Freeden, M., Ideology, Oxford University Press
2006 Manfred B. Steger, Globalization, Oxford University Press
2004 Dreamweaver MX 2004 Kleidarithmos, Co-translators: P. Kokkossis, G. Mitropoulos, E. Renta
2002 Ruby, J. Underwear, A Very Peculiar History, New York: Franklin Watts
2002 Kerr, D. Keeping Clean, A Very Peculiar History, London: Franklin Watts   
2002 Power, V. Vanity, A Very Peculiar History, New York: Franklin Watts
2002 Harris, N. Mummies, A Very Peculiar History, New York: Franklin Watts

Υπάρχουν και κάποια άλλα που έχω μεταφράσει αλλά είναι ασήμαντα.
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Translation is the art of failure – Umberto Eco


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Ντρέπονται :)

Μπορείς και να βάλεις δίγλωσσα αποσπάσματα κτλ:

Here you can speak about your translations (i.e. books you have translated), post the original and the translation title, synopses, excerpts, book cover and speak about difficulties you have encountered and solutions you have found. The only rule that applies is that it must be a book YOU have translated.
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