subjectively expected utility (SEU) -> υποκειμενική προσδοκώμενη χρησιμότητα


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subjectively expected utility (SEU) -> υποκειμενική προσδοκώμενη χρησιμότητα, προσδοκώμενη υποκειμενική χρησιμότητα

Subjective expected utility is a method in decision theory in the presence of risk, promoted by L. J. Savage in 1954 following previous work by Ramsey and von Neumann.[2] The theory of subjective expected utility combines two subjective concepts: first, a personal utility function, and second a personal probability distribution (based on Bayesian probability theory).
Savage proved that, if you adhere to axioms of rationality, if you believe an uncertain event has possible outcomes {xi} each with a utility to you of u(xi) then your choices can be explained as arising from a function in which you believe that there is a subjective probability of each outcome is P(xi), and your subjective expected utility is the expected value of the utility,
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