California: Translation One of the Fastest Growing Fields for Graduates


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Translation One of the Fastest Growing Fields for Graduates

According to a recent study by the University of California-San Diego Extension, translation and interpreting careers are among the fastest growing fields for graduates this spring. The study identifies being able to speak both Spanish and English as a highly marketable skill that opens the way to new career opportunities. Interest in teaching English abroad has also increased, with travel seen as an added bonus to teaching positions outside of the U.S. The increasing popularity of careers in translation and interpreting is reflected in the recent increase in the membership of the American Translators Association, says Spokesperson Kevin Hendzel. He says that expanding globalization and worldwide interconnectivity is fueling the growth in foreign language careers. "Despite the claims that everybody speaks English, 80% of the world's population speaks hundreds of other languages," Hendzel notes.

From "Study Shows New Jobs Trend Toward Technology, Health Care"
The Maneater (MO) (06/09/10) Reichmeier, Michelle

Source: ATA Newsbriefs - June 2010


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