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arganier (Argania spinosa) -> Argan (Argania spinosa)

L’arganier (Argania spinosa) est un arbre endémique  du Maroc  vivant dans la région du Sud-Ouest et en particulier la plaine du Souss) et de l'Algérie  (dans la région de Tindouf, au Sud-Ouest du pays). De nombreux écrits montrent qu'il a attiré la curiosité par exemple chez Ibn Albeitar au Xe siècle, El Bekri au XIe, Al Idrissi au XIIe  et Léon l'Africain au XVIe. Au XVIIe siècle le botaniste danois Schousboe étudie cette espèce et l'intérêt des botanistes occidentaux a perduré depuis.

The Argan (Argania spinosa, syn. A. sideroxylon Roem. & Schult.) is a species of tree  endemic to the calcareous semi-desert Sous valley of southwestern Morocco and to the Algerian region of Tindouf in the western Mediterranean region. It is the sole species in the genus Argania.

Argan grows to 8-10 metres high, and live to 150–200 years old. They are thorny, with gnarled trunks. The leaves are small, 2–4 cm long, oval with a rounded apex. The flowers are small, with five pale yellow-green petals; flowering is in April. The fruit is 2–4 cm long and 1.5–3 cm broad, with a thick, bitter peel surrounding a sweet-smelling but unpleasantly flavoured layer of pulpy pericarp. This surrounds the very hard nut, which contains one (occasionally two or three) small, oil-rich seeds. The fruit takes over a year to mature, ripening in June to July of the following year.

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