Tanita Tikaram, Twist in My Sobriety

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In fact, I need to have the whole song translated in greek asap. Is there any place in the web I can find this for free?
I might even pay for it through paypal.

Twist in My Sobriety

All God's children need travelling shoes
Drive your problems from here
All good people read good books
Now your conscience is clear [x2]

In the morning when I wipe my brow
Wipe the miles away
I like to think I can be so willed
And never do what you say [x2]

Look my eyes are just holograms
Look your love has drawn red from my hands
From my hands you know you'll never be
More than twist in my sobriety [x3]

We just poked a little pie
For the fun that people have at night
Late at night don't need hostility
The timid smile and pause to free

I don't care about their different thoughts
Different thoughts are good for me
Up in arms and chaste and whole
All God's children took their toll

Cup of tea take time to think yeah
Time to risk a life a life a life
Sweet and handsome soft and porky
You pig out 'til you've seen the light
Pig out 'til you've seen the light

Half the people read the papers
Read them good and well
Pretty people nervous people
People have got to sell
News you have to sell

P.S. Ι received a personal message asking me to specify what exactly I need the translation I asked for. My mistake I didn't explain I'm just looking for the meaning of the song written in greek. The more accurate the greek translation (but not literal) the better. I also received for free a translation elsewhere in the web (as below), but I'm not sure if it's alright. 

'Eνα διάλειμμα στην ηρεμία μου

Ακόμα και τα παιδιά ενός κατώτερου θεού χρειάζονται βαλίτσες
Ταξίδεψε μακρυά απ'τα προβλήματα
'Ολοι οι καλοί διαβάζουν καθώς πρέπει βιβλία
Κι έτσι έχεις τα χέρια σου καθαρά

Το πρωί που πλένω το πρόσωπό μου
Πλένω τα χιλιόμετρα που άφησα πίσω μου
Και μ'αρέσει να σκέφτομαι πως έχω τη δύναμη
Να μην κάνω ποτέ αυτό που μου λες

Κοίτα τα μάτια μου είναι άδεια ολογράμματα
Κοίτα η αγάπη σου ξεριζώθηκε αιμόφυρτη απ'τα χέρια μου
Από τα χέρια μου έμαθες ότι ποτέ δεν θα'σουν
Κάτι παραπάνω από ένα διάλειμμα στην ηρεμία μου

Απλά διαλέξαμε ένα πρόχειρο φαγητό
Για το νυχτερινό γλέντι
Αργά το βράδυ οι άνθρωποι δεν θέλουν εχθρότητες
Μόνο δειλά χαμόγελα και παύσεις για ελευθερία

Δεν με νοιάζουν οι σκέψεις που κάνουν
Οι διάφορες σκέψεις δεν μ'ενοχλούν
Ένοπλα κι εξεγερμένα, ενάρετα κι ακέραια
Τα παιδιά ενός κατώτερου θεού προκάλεσαν πανωλεθρία

Ένα φλυτζάνι τσάι και ο χρόνος να σκεφτείς
Ο χρόνος να ρισκάρεις μια ζωή
Ωραίος, γλυκός, απαλός και παχύς
Καταβροχθίζεις ώσπου να φωτιστείς

Ο μισός κόσμος διαβάζει εφημερίδα
Και τη διαβάζει καλά
Καλός κόσμος, νευρικός,
Κόσμος που πρέπει να πουλήσει
Τις ειδήσεις που έχεις για πούλημα

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Tanita Tikaram (born August 12, 1969), the daughter of a Malaysian mother and an Indo-Fijian British army officer, is an English pop/folk singer/songwriter best known for the enigmatic hits "Twist in My Sobriety" and "Good Tradition" from her 1988 debut album, Ancient Heart.

Successive releases failed to meet with similar commercial success although she has continued to release recordings as recently as 2005. Her style is based on her husky voice, acoustic guitar and quirky, poetic lyrics.

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