scie circulaire -> circular saw


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scie circulaire -> circular saw

Une scie circulaire est un outil de découpe équipé d'un disque (ou lame) denté, actionné par une machine.
Le 27 mars 1816, Auguste Brunet et Jean-Baptiste Cochot déposent le brevet de la scie circulaire. À l'origine, les premières scies circulaires, actionnées par l’eau, ne coupaient que le bois. Maintenant, elles peuvent aussi découper d'autres matières en changeant de type de lame.
Une scie circulaire peut être soit stationnaire (fixe) soit portative.

The circular saw is a metal disc or blade sometimes with saw teeth on the edge as well as the machine that causes the disk to spin. It is a tool for cutting wood or other materials and may be hand-held or table-mounted. It can also be used to make narrow slots (dados). Most of these saws are designed with a blade to cut wood but may also be equipped with a blade designed to cut masonry, plastic, or metal. There are also purpose-made circular saws specially designed for particular materials. While today circular saws are almost exclusively powered by electricity, larger ones, such as those in "saw mills", were traditionally powered by water turning a large wheel.
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