faucille -> sickle


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faucille -> sickle

Une faucille est un outil de jardinier. C'est une sorte de petite faux qui se tient à une main.
Elle a été utilisée comme symbole de la classe paysanne, par exemple sur le drapeau soviétique représentant la faucille et le marteau.


A sickle is a hand-held agricultural tool with a curved blade typically used for harvesting grain crop or cutting grass for hay. The inside of the curve is sharp, so that the user can draw or swing the blade against the base of the crop, catching it in the curve and slicing it at the same time. The material to be cut may be held in a bunch in the other hand (for example when reaping), held in place by a wooden stick, or left free. When held in a bunch, the sickle action is towards the user (left to right for a right-handed user), but when used free the sickle is usually swung the opposite way. Different types may be referred to as a grasshook, swap hook, rip-hook, slash-hook, reaping hook, brishing hook or bagging hook.
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