SDL suing Lilt!

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A lawsuit that SDL brought against Lilt on April 4, reported on by Slator a few days ago. I recommend that you read the Slator article, which has valuable information on what the lawsuit specifically addresses, though I don't happen to agree with Slator's implied conclusion that SDL was somehow aggravated by Lilt's claims of increased productivity. While the lawsuit actually cites some of those numbers, these were based on an actual case study and really are not up for debate (unless you do another case study and show differing results).
I want to see companies like Lilt and the many other translation technology companies of the future blossom and create solutions that help me and you as translators. Surely we agree that one way to make machine translation more useful is for it to be adaptive to user input. If only one company is allowed to develop such solutions, progress will be severely limited if not stopped.

— Jost Zetzsche, The 273rd Tool Box Journal

Lilt has been stoking the fires of competition since August 2016 when it released a statement that said translators using Lilt would probably not be impressed by the claims of SDL Trados Studio 2017 — that is, machine translation that learns from correction and predictive typing in Asian languages “for the first time” — as Lilt already offered such features.

Last week we were pleased to see that SDL began promoting adaptive MT as a transformational translation technology. This fall, users who upgrade to Trados Studio 2017 can expect “for the first time, machine translation [that] will learn from your corrections” and predictive typing for Asian languages, “a first for CAT tools”.

These hopeful claims may impress some in the industry, not among them the businesses and translators who use Lilt. They’ve had both technologies for months.
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