Author Topic: ἄρα γε -> surely then, so then  (Read 20 times)


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ἄρα γε -> surely then, so then
« on: 31 Oct, 2019, 18:46:38 »
ἄρα γε -> surely then, so then
Cambridge Grammar of Classical Greek (2019), p. 692: 
γε focuses attention on the word or phrase it follows (or sometimes the clause as a whole), and limits the applicability of the content of the utterance to at least or (more) precisely that specific element:
- emphasizing words, phrases or clauses (at least, when it comes to, to be precise, often best translated by means of stress);
- in dialogue, at the beginning of a speaking turn, γε is used to pick up the previous speaker’s syntax but focus it on a specific element (to be precise); in answers to yes/no questions, the answer yes or no is often implied.
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