lunch counter -> σνακ-μπαρ, μικρό εστιατόριο, κυλικείο


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lunch counter -> σνακ-μπαρ, μικρό εστιατόριο, κυλικείο

A lunch counter (also known as a luncheonette) is a small restaurant, similar to a diner, where the patron sits on a stool on one side of the counter and the server or person preparing the food serves from the opposite side of the counter, where the kitchen or limited food preparation area is located. As the name suggests, they were primarily used for the lunch meal. Lunch counters were once commonly located inside retail variety stores ("five and dimes" as they were called in the United States) and smaller department stores. The intent of the lunch counter in a store was to profit from serving hungry shoppers, and to attract people to the store so that they might buy merchandise.


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