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αθε (ποντιακή λέξη)
« on: 15 Nov, 2019, 16:49:07 »
In the poem 'Πάρθεν' by Cavafy, the poet quotes some lines from the traditional Pontic folk song about the Fall of Constantinople:-

Μα αλίμονον μοιραίον πουλί «απέ την Πόλην έρται»
με στο «φτερούλν’ αθε χαρτίν περιγραμμένον
κι ουδέ στην άμπελον κονεύ’ μηδέ στο περιβόλι
επήγεν και εκόνεψεν στου κυπαρίσ’ την ρίζαν».

I understand all of it, except the little word 'αθε'.  Can any of your specialists elucidate the matter for me or throw light on its meaning? Is it a form αυτός, which is ατός ςin Pontic. I doubt it. Perhaps it = έχει?

This is my tentative translation:-

But alas, a fateful bird “comes from the city”
with "a piece of paper under its little wing
approaching neither the vineyard nor the orchard
it went and settled in the roots of a cypress tree."