SDL Passolo 2011

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SDL Passolo 2011

Designed with the software localizer in mind
SDL Passolo 2011 is the latest version of the award-winning software localization tool. It provides one visual environment for software localization, so that you can translate graphical user interfaces (GUI) more quickly and easily than ever before!

Easy-to-use, customizable interface - no need for access to source code or programming experience.
Integrated with the latest SDL Trados software for easy re-use of previously translated content and terminology.
Extensive range of file filter support so that you can accept any type of software localization project.
Fastest version of SDL Passolo with the ability to integrate into your development workflow to meet your localization needs.

And comments from Jost Zetzsche, The 181st Tool Kit

If the average translator has anything to do with a localization tool, it is typically through the free translator or freelance editions that provide limited functionality, including the translation and resizing of project files (or: bundles) that were prepped by expensive corporate editions. However, some translators who are also actively involved in localization own a professional edition of one of the tools that allows them to go through the whole process of localizing software files, minus the project bundle preparation part. And for LSPs that work in software-related translation, it is typically advisable to have some kind of corporate edition of one or several of these tools to be able to give out files to their translators. (Note: It is also possible to work on these tools' projects without the actual tool through XLIFF or TMX exports. Passolo guesses that about half of all translators choose that route.)

I had a chance to talk with one of the principals, Achim Herrmann, last week about the new version, and here is what he said about the new product as well as other things of interest.

Let's check off some of the more technical new features of Passolo 2011:

— The latest version of .NET (4.0) is now supported.
HTMLHelp (.chm) files are now supported directly rather than through the source HTML files. (Allow me this comment: when competitors Sisulizer and Catalyst introduced this feature, Passolo's development team had nothing but ridicule for this feature: "For good localization practices you'll need to work in the source files directly." However, market demands seem to have adjusted that perspective. . . .)
— "Diagnostic Reports" can be run to find problematic interdependencies between the localizable file(s) and the software application and problems they might cause even before they occur.
Projects (bundles) can be split and merged to match the capacity of individual translators, and you can now search in multiple projects at a time.
Projects can be chained when there is a translation correlation of language A -> language B -> language C and any change occurs anywhere in the project (this will actually only come in the upcoming Service Pack 1).
— Not surprisingly, machine translation is now integrated (Google Translate, SDL's old engine, and LanguageWeaver). And just for the record: Achim made very clear that he personally was not happy with this feature.
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