penis fish -> πεόψαρο, πεοσκώληκας, σκώληκας Urechis unicinctus, θαλάσσιος σκώληκας Urechis unicinctus


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fat innkeeper worm
penis fish -> πεόψαρο, πεοσκώληκας, σκώληκας Urechis unicinctus

Urechis unicinctus (traditional Chinese: 海腸; simplified Chinese: 海肠; pinyin: hǎicháng; Cantonese Yale: hóichèuhng; Japanese: 螠虫; rōmaji: yumushi; Korean: 개불; romaja: gaebul) is a species of the marine spoon worm. Widely referred to as the fat innkeeper worm or the penis fish, it is found in Bohai Gulf of China and Korean and Japanese coast. The body is about 10–30 cm long, cylindrical in shape and yellowish-brown in color. On the surface of the body there are many small papillae. This spoonworm lives in a U-shaped burrow in muddy sand and feeds on detritus. Males and females produce sperm and eggs, respectively.
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