mortaise et tenon -> mortise and tenon


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mortaise et tenon -> mortise and tenon

Le tenon est la partie mâle d'une pièce de construction destinée à être enfoncée dans la partie femelle d'une autre pièce et qui tient les deux par emboîtement. La partie femelle est appelée la mortaise. Un tel assemblage peut être chevillé à l'aide d'une cheville de bois. Il constitue un embrèvement..

mortaise : Entaille généralement rectangulaire pratiquée dans une pièce de bois ou de métal pour recevoir le tenon d'une autre pièce de l'assemblage

The mortise and tenon joint in its basic form is both simple and strong though there are many variations on the joint that create a wide range of complexities depending on the application. The mortise and tenon joint has been used for thousands of years by woodworkers around the world to join pieces of wood, mainly when the adjoining pieces connect at an angle of 90°. Although there are many joint variations, the basic mortise and tenon comprises two components: the mortise hole (female) and the tenon (male). The tenon is formed to the end of a member generally referred to as a rail and is inserted into a square or rectangular hole cut into the corresponding member. The tenon is cut to fit the mortise hole exactly and usually has shoulders that seat when the joint fully enters the mortise hole. The joint may be glued, pinned, or wedged to lock it in place.

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