vilebrequin (outil) -> brace (tool), brace and bit


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vilebrequin -> brace, brace and bit

Un vilebrequin est un outil utilisant la force manuelle pour percer des trous dans les matériaux (principalement le bois). Cet outil est muni d'un mandrin où l'on fixe une mèche, un foret, une fraise ou un tournevis adapté au matériau à percer et à la largeur du trou à forer..

A brace or brace and bit is a hand tool used to drill holes, usually in wood. Pressure is applied to the top and the tool is rotated with a U-shaped grip.
The U-shaped part is a kind of crankshaft. It gives the brace much greater torque than other kinds of hand drill; a brace can be used to drill much wider, and deeper, holes than can a gear-driven hand drill. The price of the greater torque is lower rotational speed; it is easy for a hand drill to achieve a rotational speed of several hundred revolutions per minute, but it requires considerable effort to achieve even 100 rpm with a brace. It is also difficult to hold a brace exactly straight while using it, which makes the brace unsuitable for precision drilling.
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