chasse-clou -> nail pusher


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chasse-clou -> nail pusher
poinçon en acier à tête ronde aplatie permettant d'enfoncer les clous dans le bois afin qu'ils soient moins visibles

A nail pusher includes a handle, a guide tube mounted in the handle and having a nail guide slot, a nail magazine mounted on the handle, a plurality of nails mounted in the nail magazine, a push member movably mounted in the nail magazine to push each of the nails through the nail guide slot into the guide tube, and a thrusting rod mounted on the handle and movable in the guide tube to thrust one of the nails outwardly from the guide tube. Thus, the push member is pushed to introduce each of the nails into the guide tube successively, and the nails are ejected outwardly from the guide tube successively, so that the nail pusher can push and eject the nails successively.
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