Vulcan mind meld -> βουλκάνια νοητική συγχώνευση, βουλκάνια νοητική ένωση


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Vulcan mind meld -> βουλκάνια νοητική συγχώνευση
Vulcan mind link -> βουλκάνια νοητική σύνδεση
Vulcan mind probe -> βουλκάνια νοητική ανίχνευση
Vulcan mind fusion -> βουλκάνια νοητική συγχώνευση
Vulcan mind touch -> βουλκάνιο νοητικό άγγιγμα

νοητική διείσδυση
mind meld -> νοητική συγχώνευση

The Vulcan mind meld, also known as the mind link, mind probe, mind fusion, mind touch, or simply meld, was a telepathic link between two individuals. It allowed for an intimate exchange of thoughts, thus in essence enabling the participants to become one mind, sharing consciousness in a kind of gestalt. (TOS: "Dagger of the Mind"; TNG: "Sarek"; et al.)

A mind meld, first depicted in the TOS episode "Dagger of the Mind", is a technique for sharing thoughts, experiences, memories, and knowledge with another individual, essentially a limited form of telepathy. It usually requires physical contact with a subject, though instances of mind melds without contact have been seen. Vulcans can perform mind melds with members of most other species. The Vulcan character Spock also successfully mind melded with a machine and was in telepathic contact with the mechanical probe V'ger.

Mind melds have been used to erase memories, as Spock performed on James T. Kirk. A mind meld was used to rejoin Spock's katra (see below) with his physical body. Mind melds can also allow more than one mind to experience memories and sensations, and sometimes even interact with the memories. Some species are able to resist mind melds.
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